Life: This crazy beautiful life!

Wake up, get youngest daughter and husband out the door for school and work, get oldest daughters assignments ready, get dressed, answer emails, package and ship online orders, call best friend, go open store, answer more emails, talk to customers, paperwork, train employees, order inventory, go home, dinner, baths, bed. Ahhh it’s time to relax! Bubble bath, oh wait more emails, Yahtzee, scroll to find something to watch, conversation with husband, and here I go falling asleeeee.......

You know when you were little and dreamed of living in the perfect house with the perfect husband and raising your perfect kids? You made the perfect dinners wearing the apron, your house is spotless, everything is just PERFECT! Oh it’s so funny how those dreams play out! God blessed me with the perfect husband and perfect kids, I have the house I once dreamed of, we own a successful business, but wait? That’s the big picture, let’s zoom in a little bit. My husband, he is tired. My oldest daughter is in middle school (we all remember middle school) and is being homeschooled by, you guessed it, ME (the person that runs around like crazy to finish everything that needs to be done), my youngest daughter struggles with dyslexia and struggles with school and assignments, the house I dreamed of definitely not spotless! Making the perfect dinners in my apron hahaha more like answering the door when DoorDash shows up! Successful business, Praise God, but that didn’t just pop up, it took hard work to get there and hard work to keep it successful. I’m so incredibly blessed to have the life I have and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! I just have to laugh because as kids we have this perfect picture in our head that we will just glide through life and everything is easy. Never did I think that I’d be smelling clothes to see if they are clean, while adjusting yesterday’s messy bun to make it a “better messy bun”, walking out the door with a sock in my pocket, and then realizing as I’m walking into a meeting wearing shoes that do not even match! It’s such a beautiful thing! Wait did you just say walking into a meeting with shoes that don’t match is beautiful? YES I DID! There’s no mom in the world that has it all figured out and never struggles. I’m glad that “perfect” picture we are painted isn’t what we thought it would be! Who wants to be that boring?? I truly love this crazy beautiful life! There’s always good days and bad days. Getting overwhelmed is normal. Your house is not always going to be perfectly spotless. You are going to get behind on laundry. It’s life, crazy and beautiful!! In the middle of the craziness look around, take a deep breath, and remember YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU ARE DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT, PERFECT IS OVERRATED, YOU ARE AN AMAZING WIFE AND MOM, AND GOD LOVES YOU!!!

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