But wait,,, is change possible?

We all have something in our past that we aren’t proud of, but should our past define us? Should we constantly remind ourselves of our past? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! People‘s opinion about me depends on when they met me. My past is full of some dark things, things I’ll probably write about in the future but right now I’ll just say there’s stuff that changed me, made me angry, and truthfully made me a bad person. What changed? I found GOD! I went to church growing up and even as an adult with my family, but then I got hurt by the church. I gave up. Then I try again, I didn’t even get past the door before I was hurt again. So is it just not meant for me to go to church?

Did you read that first blog I wrote? You know the life changing one. That book I listened to made me realize my life isn’t going to change on its own, I have to have God. That day I downloaded a devotional app, I read it every morning and do my bible reading plan. But Erica, why does that matter? It’s changed who I am! I am a completely different person now. Do people still judge me on my past? Of course they do, but instead of getting angry about it I just smile and pray for them. At one time in my life I would be yelling and cussing, but now I pray.

So to answer the question can people change... yes they absolutely can! We are all taught not to judge yet judging people by their past seems to be a normal thing. If you have a past and still get judged by it don’t let it bother you, pray for the people. I promise it will help. The past does not define us! It’s who we are today. I aim every day to be a better person than I was the day before, I know my heart. I can confidently say that I love the person I am today and I pray you do too!

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