But is the grass greener?

So what was my first mistake in listening to how "great" it would be living with my biological mother? Telling people before I told the ones that loved me most and took me in when they didn't have to. How did they find out you ask, from messages in my year book. So much disrespect on my part.

So I move.... everything is great.... for about a week. I start to realize that she doesn't want me there. Friends call almost everyday. They ask how it is, do I love this new life? Of course I do! Do I really? Absolutely not, but saying that would be admitting I made a terrible decision. I am being constantly yelled at, the house is absolutely nasty, and the only reason I am there is to take care of my little brothers because well why take care of your kids if you have someone there to do it for you right.

I have my outlets though, I am cheerleading and have a boyfriend. Those things keep my mind off what's going on. Problem is I can't have any of my new friends over because the house is so bad I would be so embarrassed I would never be able to show my face again. The yelling gets worse, each day that goes by a regret my decision even more than the day before. It gets to the point I am crying myself to sleep every night. I am miserable.

Then it happened, I am getting yelled at and next thing I know I am punched in the face. I immediately call my dad to come get me and threw everything I had in a black trash bag. Not only does my dad come but also her preacher. Why is he there? He is there defending her as I am sitting there with the side of my face swollen and red. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I was WRONG for being upset that the person how birthed me punched me in the face. My dad and I put my stuff in the truck and left.

So that "perfect" life I was told I would have lasted less than a year. I was hurt. How could the person that gave birth to me do this to me? All I wanted was a relationship with my biomother and she hurt me. You would think I would learn a lot by that decision I made but that's not the end of it......

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